On Februar 16, 2018

Neues Versapak-Transportkit für Dopingproben nach gründlichen unabhängigen Prüfungen als manipulationssicher bestätigt

Versapak Doping Control Ltd, ein global führender Hersteller und Lieferant von manipulationssicheren Lösungen, gibt mit Freude bekannt, dass sein neues Transportkit für Urinproben von einer Drittpartei an einem nach ISO 17025 zertifizierten Standort erfolgreichen, unabhängigen Prüfungen unterzogen wurde. Der unabhängige Prüfer bestätigte die Manipulationsschutzeigenschaften des Produkts sowie dessen Eignung für den Einsatz für Dopingtests.   Das
On Januar 30, 2018

The Integrity of Doping Control

With many high profile doping scandals in sport, the global fight for fair and clean sport is now more relevant and important than ever; not only are we striving to restore integrity within sport, we are now also tasked with regaining the integrity of doping control too. Doping can have severely detrimental affects on sporting
On August 3, 2017

Usain Bolt speaks out about doping in sport

World Olympic Gold Medal winner and track record holder Usain Bolt speaks out about “Doping in Sport” on the BBC. Bolt says that dopers have to "stop or the sport will die."
On Juli 10, 2017

Support ‘Clean Sport Week’ this week

This week is the start of ‘Clean Sport Week’, an initiative launched by the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) organisation and is designed to raise awareness of the work undertaken to ensure all sports in the UK are clean and fair. ‘Clean Sport Week’ comes at a time when drug use at every level of sport is
On März 6, 2017

Tackling Doping in Sport 2017

Versapak representatives Chris Garner and Fabio De Jesus will be attending the upcoming Tackling Doping in Sport event on 8th and 9th March at the Hilton London, Wembley.
On Juni 28, 2016

WADA Suspends Accreditation of Rio Laboratory

Montreal, 24 June 2016 – The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announces that, due to a non-conformity with the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL), it has suspended the accreditation of the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory (Laboratório Brasileiro de Controle de Dopagem – LBCD – LADETEC / IQ – UFRJ) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Rio Laboratory].
On November 17, 2015

Does the Latest Anti-Doping Scandal Mark the Beginning of the End for Sports Drug Cheats?

This week the media spotlight has been firmly on anti-doping, with revelations that have sent a shockwave through the world of athletics. The IAAF has come under heavy scrutiny and has some difficult decisions to make in light of WADA’s independent report, which revealed London 2012 was “sabotaged” by “widespread inaction” against athletes with suspicious
On November 10, 2015

The Start of Change for Athletics?

With anti-doping still dominating the headlines, Versapak’s Chair of Doping Control, Francis Cassidy, gave insight into the latest developments of the WADA report to Sky News: “It was compelling viewing… when we look at it from Versapak’s point of view, obviously we’re putting equipment out there that will help catch people who will use illegal
On September 18, 2015

Rugby World Cup and Versapak Doping Control’s shared history

Before the 2015 Rugby World Cup comes to a close, dozens of players will have been tested as part of a rigorous anti-doping policy. Whilst the issue of performance enhancement has been in the news, casting aspersions on certain elements of the sports sector, rugby’s education and testing programme is widely regarded as world class.