Versapak Urine and Blood containers require specific opening tools supplied by Versapak to remove the lid safely and only authorised laboratories are allowed to break open containers. 
With ultra-secure products comes a somewhat complex opening system – so be sure to read on for our best practise with opening instructions.

Opening Tool for Urine

The DTC3 (both full and partial kits) can be opened with this tool. By first placing it into the opening tool for Urine, the kit is verified as genuine once placed into the opening device with help from the Versapak DNA scanner. Then, the apparatus works by rotating the lid 360 degrees until it breaks, and broken shards of the canister are caught in the tool. The kit is now open and ready for extraction by the laboratory.

Opening Tool for Blood

Similar to the Urine opening tool, the blood canister is placed into the blood opening tool. The kit is then verified by our DNA scanner before the opening tool lid is placed on and twisted 360 degrees until open. Broken shards of the canister will be caught in the tool. This device is suitable for both our A/B samples and the Blood Biological Passport.



The level of security featured in our Anti-Doping kits has certainly come on since our launch in 1991, and so too have our opening tools for laboratories.

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