Versapak’s unique tamper evident products provide sporting bodies with a secure means with which to collect and transport samples to authorised laboratories worldwide. The “no nonsense” security features have been designed to generate confidence in your doping control procedures.

Our product range includes uniquely numbered Urine Sampling Kits, Urine Collection Vessels and Blood Sampling Kits. Opening Tools are available to approved laboratories to assist with the opening of the Kits. We also manufacture and supply security holdalls and Versapak T2 security seals which facilitate the secure transportation of the kits.
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Versapak Doping Control’s products are easy to use

Versapak’s Anti-Doping equipment is the product of choice for discerning sporting bodies who insist on tamper evident, reasonably priced and user friendly solutions to their doping control requirements. Our products have been tried and tested by Anti-Doping Officers worldwide. Contact Us for a quote.



The key to the success of Versapak’s Anti-Doping equipment is its tamper evidence: no other kit available offers such a high level of security. Both our urine and blood sampling kits have been subjected to rigorous testing by an independent, worldwide authority in tamper evident packaging to ensure absolute security of the athlete’s sample.  They confirmed it was “not possible to open the canister without evidence of tampering”. Both the locking device and the material of the canisters have been developed for security and integrity. The canister features advanced DNA that can verify the kit is a ‘Genuine’ product manufactured by Versapak

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