WADA Requirements

Versapak Doping Control’s anti-doping products are specifically designed to comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) requirements on sample collection equipment systems, as defined in the WADA International Standards Testing & Investigations (ISTI) of 2021.

WADA does not recommend or endorse any product or manufacturer, but instead insists that the equipment used meets certain minimum requirements. Versapak’s Anti-Doping’s products meet these WADA requirements.

a) Our Urine Sampling Kits and Blood Sampling Kits are uniquely numbered, with all components of each Kit having matching numbers.

b) Blood and Urine samples are stored within Versapak Doping Control tamper evident containers. Both the sealing system and the material of the container have been thoroughly tested to ensure complete tamper evidence.

c) No personal identification is shown on any piece of the equipment. Instead, unique numbers are used to enable the appropriate officials to identify the athlete.

d) All equipment is delivered in clean and sealed containers.

See WADA Selection Criteria and Versapak WADA letter.

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