Versapak Resealing Kits are used by laboratories for temporarily¬†resealing Versapak’s tamper evident Urine & Blood kits and maintaining the chain of custody.

WADA accredited Laboratories can order especially designed resealing kits for Blood & Urine, allowing samples to be resealed and stored again.  Through careful consultation with Laboratories, we discovered the need to reseal the A sample for further analysis, however once the Versapak tamper evident canister is opened with our tools, it cannot be used again.

The resealing kit uses a new canister that comes supplied with a new set of, uniquely individual serial numbers to enable laboratories to maintain the ‘chain of custody’.

Versapak Resealing Kits are available for Versapak A/B Urine Sample Kit and Versapak A/B Blood Sample Kit.

Reseal Kit canister base and lid

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