Tamper evident anti-doping
equipment for a doping-free sport


Tamper evident anti-doping equipment for a doping-free sport


Versapak Doping Control Limited has been manufacturing highly secure Anti-Doping equipment since 1987. This equipment is used exclusively in the worldwide fight against the use of drugs in sport.

Our expertise in tamper evident security products dates from 1973, when our sister company Versapak International started manufacturing its ‘Versapak’ security envelope. In 1987, thanks to its reputation in supplying tamper evident products, Versapak was asked to manufacture a specialist solution for the tamper evident storage of urine samples for a major sports event.

In 1991 Versapak Doping Control was launched.

Our aim is to ensure that our Anti-Doping equipment meets the needs of those working towards fair competition in sport.

Versapak’s Urine AB Sample Kits have been designed uniquely to ensure the integrity of the athlete’s samples. Using sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as a product DNA marker and a tamper evident locking mechanism that is independently certified, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with our product offerings for Urine.

Versapak Doping Control Ltd is part of The Versapak Group, a UK based organisation with manufacturing, sales and distribution worldwide. Versapak Doping Control Ltd is registered in England: No 3525795 and our Registered Office address is 4 Veridion Way, Erith, Kent, DA18 4AL. For full contact details for Versapak Doping Control Ltd, please see our Contact page.

Versapak Urine AB Sample Kit

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Today’s Anti-Doping products are very different to the first model created in 1987 but one thing remains consistent: the inability for anyone to tamper with a sample once it is safely enclosed in a Versapak Doping Control sample transport kit.

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