What is the choice in the anti-doping industry?

There is now an opportunity for sporting bodies, coaches and athletes to make the right choice. At Versapak, we pride ourselves as advocates of upholding the integrity of sport, which is also seen throughout Our Products. We believe it is time for athletes, coaches and schools to join us in making the right choice and pursue entirely clean sport.


Who is responsible? We need to instil a culture of clean sport from grass roots level. Regardless of whether it is the athletes or coaches who make the decision to partake in doping, each individual has the choice to participate. In our recent Qriously Survey, more than 36% of respondents believed that education would effectively prevent doping altogether. This indicates that not enough information, support and guidance is being taught to athletes in an attempt to deter them from doping for the right reasons; valuing clean sport rather than fearing the consequences of being caught doping.


Why choose Versapak?

Alongside this change in mentality, our expert team is armed with the products to help achieve this goal. Our new Versapak Urine Kit has undergone extensive testing from a global independent authority and has been concluded to be fully tamper-evident. What’s more, Versapak Doping Control kits are always genuine; no one can attempt to replicate the kits for malicious intent without it being detected. This is thanks to our unique technology that allows the laboratory to validate that the sample bottle was manufactured by Versapak.


At Versapak, we strive for transparency in both our brand values and our products. Our new Urine Transport Kit is manufactured in transparent plastic with a patented locking mechanism to ensure the integrity of the samples. This emphasises our message that both as a brand and in our products, we have nothing to hide and operate in full authenticity. Our transparency significantly distinguishes us from our competitors who have also recently withdrew from the market, due to their glass sample kits shattering and being successfully tampered with.


What happens by making the wrong choice?

We urge sporting industries, businesses and individuals to make the right choice by exploring the best suppliers and products available in urine and blood sampling kits. The wrong choice could have serious implications on the integrity of sport, due to some athletes thinking they can get away with doping by tampering with their sample.


At Versapak, we believe there is no substitute for integrity and, as shown by our Tamper-Evident Products; our clear choice is clean sport.